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Design Service

Orbissys provides design services with high quality, efficient, system-level engineering, including hardware/software electronic development, prototyping, PCB design, and manufacturing. Engineering capabilities include Microcontrollers (ARM, PIC, AVR), FPGA, PLD, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, ZigBee, ADC and DSP technologies. With expertise in a wide range of product applications and systems, Orbissys design source can help you get to market faster, finish your project on time and satisfactory
Ultrasonic Noise Suppressor 


100MS/s PCI Data Acquisition Board


Wireless Data Acquisition Module
8 Channel Ultrasonic Multiplexer
100MS/s USB Data Acquisition Module
32 channel High Speed Data Acquisition System
384 channel Ultrasonic Phased Array Actuator
Ultrasonic Camera System
High Power Low Frequency Eddy Current System
Permeability Measurement System
8 Channel Multiplexed Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver
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