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Our portable ultrasonic flaw detection system is reliable and versatile ultrasonic equipment.

It provides most of basic ultrasonic flaw detector functions and easily customized for customers specific needs.

Orbissys makes needed changes on operating software and recompile it to provide the best fit equipment for customers.





● Ultrasonic Pulser / Receiver

Pulse Amplitude: 150 to 350 volts 

Pulse Type: Spike Pulse 

Pulse Repetition Rate: upto 2 kHz

Gain: Adjustable 0 to +60㏈ 


● DAQ Unit

Sample rate: 40Msamples/sec

Resolution: 8bit

Waveform capture: Up to 32Kbytes 

Input impedance: 50ohm

Interface: USB 


● Control Software

A-Scan chart views and gate control

Gate alarms are displayed and sound 

Displayed information includes flaw location, thickness and velocity

Software is customised as requested



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