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Our Ultrasonic C-Scan system UTI-020, Automated Tabletop Scanner gives today's researcher the capability to "look inside" materials to detect, measure and map anomalies all while maintaining the features of high-end flaw detector. 


The system includes a full C-Scan data acquisition system coupled with full A-, B- and C-Scan capability, thickness testing and FFT Signal analysis. 


The Tabletop Scanner includes an acrylic tank, a motorized X, Y, Z-axis with a scan envelope of 10"L x 10"W x 10"H, a stepper motor controller, motor drive and software. 



● Ultrasonic Pulser / Receiver

Pulse Amplitude: 100 - 400 volts 

Pulse Type: Spike Pulse 

Pulse Repetition Rate: upto 20 kHz

Gain: Adjustable 0 to +80㏈ 

Band Pass Filter:  Selectable, 1 - 25MHz


● DAQ Unit

Sample rate: 100Msamples/sec

Resolution: 8bit

Waveform capture: Up to 32Kbytes 

Input impedance: 50ohm

Interface: USB 


● XYZ Linear Motion Hardware

Axis: X, Y axis (Optional Z axis)  

Scan dimension: 10"L x 10"W x 10"H

Control: 32 bit position, velocity and acceleration 

Accuracy: 0.05mm


● Managing Software

A, B, C-Scan display

Image color table selectable

Image intensity control

Peak, TOF data processing

Optional FFT processing


Complete system including

operating computer

only for$19,800.

(Monitor not included)



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